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About Our Company

About Armada

“Committed to Business…and Our Communities”

Armada Oil & Gas prides itself in remaining steadfast to the business at hand, while shaping a vision for the future. This philosophy has played an integral part in the company’s efforts to run efficient and productive operations in a tough industry during challenging economic times.

In addition to our business commitment, we are equally dedicated to the markets we serve by taking an active role as participants and contributors to various activities that make our communities even better places to live and work.

Through community and title sponsored events, Armada Oil & Gas and its employees donate money and talent in support of various worthwhile programs throughout the Southeast Region of the Great State of Michigan.

Standing apart by working harder and smarter is part of who we are. It’s evident in our ability to offer innovative products and services to our customers, and by our dedication to our community —  and to you.

“It’s not Business as Usual – It’s Armada Oil & Gas Company”

Mission Statement

The following is a statement of purpose and guiding principles in the method in which the company will conduct its affairs.

The company has made safety, health, security and environmental considerations a priority in our planning, processes and selection of new products.

The company will operate its equipment, including vehicles, and handle its products in a fashion that protects the safety, health and security of our employees, the general public and the environment.

The company will recognize and respond to community concerns about the products we handle at our operations.

The company will counsel its customers, transporters and others in the safe use, storage and transportation of the products it sells.

The company will comply with governmental regulations and standards to safeguard its employees, its community and the environment.

In the absence of governmental regulations, the company pledges to always use “Best Management Judgment and Decisions” in conducting its affairs.